Traveling With Your iSUP

By now you are probably an iSUP pro in your own backyard. Maybe you’ve put your board through its paces so much that you have needed inflatable paddle board repair from your friends at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. You’ve navigated the local waterways, explored hidden canals and communed with nature on your favorite lake. But what happens when adventure calls and you want your iSUP to become a travel SUP? You dream about paddling through Kauai, Cameroon or Katmandu. What does that entail?

The good news is that your iSUP can be the very best traveling companion you could desire. With it, you can experience the best the U.S. or the big wide world has to offer. Unlike epoxy boards an iSUP can tag along quickly and easily for any adventure near or far.

Prepping for Adventure

iSUPs are incredibly easy to take with you on airplane journeys. Once deflated, rolled and packed into a large backpack or its own carry bag, an iSUP can be checked like regular luggage. In fact, depending on the type of suitcase you use, it might even go right in with your T-shirts and jeans. Pop a tag on that puppy and get ready for fun.

If you’d like to keep your best buddy nearby, consider purchasing a roller backpack for your iSUP and wheel it around even the biggest airports before placing it in the overhead bin.

Wheeling your board around is a huge advantage when you are traveling on a shoestring. For those of you who don’t want to tip a skycap at every destination, rolling your iSUP through airports, train stations and bus depots will not only save your arms – for paddling, of course – but also your pocketbook.

Another advantage of using your iSUP when traveling is they are incredibly hardy. Those readers of a certain vintage might remember a fairly famous television commercial for luggage in which a hefty gorilla slung a suitcase around like it was a Slinky. Your iSUP can withstand similar abuse without needing inflatable paddle board repair. Unlike hardboards, your iSUP will make the transit without suffering dings, cracks or other damage. Once you’ve arrived that sturdy iSUP will endure whatever the local waterways have to offer, too.

Your Travel SUP Companion

That brings up an interesting point. Whether your destination is Asia, Africa or somewhere in between, you may not know what sort of paddling conditions await you. An iSUP is the very best companion you can have when the unknown approaches. These incredibly versatile boards can tackle a huge range of paddling conditions and come out on top. When it comes to flexibility and freedom when traveling, you can’t ask for much better.

While you might have imagined that your adventure will be all iSUP all the time, you know unexpected events happen. You might meet up with other intrepid travelers who would like to encounter this earth in other ways – hiking, biking or what have you. Not to worry. Your iSUP can pack away easily, allowing you to enjoy other types of adventure. A deflated and rolled iSUP is little bigger than a traditional sleeping bag. You can stow it in the trunk of a car or in a storage locker at the bus station. Imagine struggling a behemoth hard board into the passenger car of a train or finding a cab with a roof rack.

When Repairs Are Needed, Call the Global Experts

In the event your travel SUP becomes a tattered SUP, call Sealed Air Repairs Inc. at 321-505-1512 for the inflatable paddle board repair that you need. We repair sealed air products at home and around the world.