The iSUP Winter Workout

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When it comes to inflatable paddle boarding everyone pictures beach vistas with plenty of palm trees and sunshine. What happens if you don’t live in a subtropical climate like your friends at Sealed Air Repairs Inc.? Or, even if you do, what if you want to squeeze a little more fun out of the season? The best time to paddle board can be anytime! Your iSUP does not need to be stowed away like white shoes after Labor Day. If you didn’t end the summer needing, PVC boat repair or refurbishment or iSUP repair, keep the fun going. With a little preparation, you can enjoy paddling, if not year round, many more months than you might expect.

Prepare Well

Check the weather report before venturing out. You can do well in winter, but not if the forecast calls for sleet, snow or any other unexpected precipitation. Determine wind direction and temperature before heading out. Your best bet is a crisp, cool day with beautiful blue skies and a bracing chill in the air. The weather can be a little “iffier” if you are simply keeping to the shoreline on a fairly still lake. Use your judgment.

Gather all of your equipment. In addition to that personal floatation device (PFD) that you should never be without, you’ll want to be sure that you have your leash, drinking water and a spare set of clothes. A waterproof bag for your cell phone or GPS is a smart addition as well. Lastly, grab a big thermos of your favorite hot beverage. Choose coffee, tea or cocoa. No hot toddies, however. This is not the time to get your buzz on. Make enough of your favorite drink to enjoy a cuppa before your paddle and another for straight after. It’s a nice way to end a fun session on the water.

The Best Time to Paddle Board in Winter

Choose bright clear daylight hours. Remember, winter days are much shorter. Check for when the sun will set and plan accordingly. Inform a good friend or family member of your paddling plan. Clearly outline where you are going and when you expect to be back. This is important for any time you are out on the water, but takes on a special sense of urgency in winter.

Dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature. Not planning on going for a swim? No kidding. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. You need to be protected if you take a spill. Choose a good fleece or neoprene head covering. You can use waterproof paddling or kayaking gloves rather than bulky, all purpose winter gloves or mittens.  

Take special consideration of your footwear. It’s best if you can find booties that not only keep your feet warm, but also provide the grip you need to stay balanced. Neoprene surfing booties are a decent choice.

For your overall warmth and safety, neoprene suits or drysuits work well, but can set you back a pretty penny. Chances are you can cobble together a half decent outfit from your closet. Waterproof pants and jacket over long underwear, T-shirts or sweatshirts fill the bill. Choose fleece, not cotton as cotton absorbs water and can make you extremely cold. Believe it or not, the last piece of this “warm wear” puzzle is your PFD itself. A full PFD (not the waist pack kind) is another layer to keep you toasty.

Before setting out securely attach your leash to the board and to you. If that unexpected spill happens, losing your board could be a catastrophe. Not only might you need PVC boat repair or iSUP repair, you could need medical attention yourself. Floating in freezing water for any length of time can kill you.

Call for Help with any Winter Damage

Like in summer, winter can create a situation where you might need PVC boat repair or iSUP repair. That’s OK. Because Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is here to help. Contact us at 321-505-1512 for any repairs or refurbishment you might need. Then, you’ll know that the best time to paddle board is any darn time you please!