Thank Goodness, The Y Splitter is Finally Here!

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Sealed Air Repairs is committed to providing our clients with ease and convenience, which is why we are proud to present the Y Splitter. We specialize in inflatable SUP repair and we know the value of having equipment that works well and is always improving. The Y Splitter will do just that. It will take a piece of equipment that we offered and bring it to the next level so our clients can get the service that they need. To learn more about our services, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs today.


What is the Y Splitter?


The Y Splitter works in conjunction with our Bravo 2000 pump. This device is made to help speed up inflating multiple items at once. It also makes pumping work better because, when you use the connector, there is more volume of air flowing from the pump. This means that it is ideal for those who run water parks or have PVC boats.


How Can it Help?


Think about how long it takes to pump air into any of your inflatables. This is especially true if you have an inflatable water park. Inflatable water parks are large structures and they require plenty of air to remain firm on the water. The safety of all the people that play on it depends on it being properly inflated. However, this is a task that can take a considerable amount of time. Because the park is so large, it will take time for one part of it to inflate. This is not even to mention how many parts make up the park as a whole. This means that you would have to go one-by-one and inflate all the different parts of the park or run multiple pumps at once.


The Y Splitter negates that. It allows you to run one pump for multiple parts so that you can get the job of inflating done more quickly. Because it also allows the air to pump with more volume, you are also speeding up the process in that way as well.


Even for PVC boats, this can make a huge difference. Many people loathe the time that they have to spend inflating their boat because it defers the time that it would take to get them out on the water. With the Y Splitter, you can inflate all the parts of your PVC boat in a much shorter timespan.


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Sealed Air Repairs is an expert in inflatable SUP repair as well as PVC boat repair. We can care for all of your inflatable needs, and we are always seeking to provide you with quality tools that you can use to care for your inflatables more effectively. The Y Splitter is just one among many items that we offer for those who use inflatables frequently. If you would like to learn more about the items that we offer or you have further questions about the Y Splitter, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs today.