Take Yoga To A Deeper Level On A SUP

Sup yoga in the usa

Are you aware that you can practice yoga on a standup paddleboard? Even though this sounds more treacherous then it does relax, it is actually becoming more and more popular. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc., we suggest joining this wonderful movement by tackling inflating SUP yoga. Our experts specialize in inflatable SUP repair and recommended taking action today. Your chakra will thank you later. You’re welcome, USA.


Get on Board

It seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of standup paddleboarding, or even more about yoga on a standup paddleboard, affectionately known as S.U.P Yoga. We are not complaining either! This is no mistake—the standup paddleboard (S.U.P) is taking over the recreational and fitness scene. It is proving to be one of the hottest and fastest growing sports in the world today.


This type of yoga has actually been around since ancient times. The history dates back so far that there is actually no real point of origin. In ancient Polynesia, all the way to Venice, paddleboarding has been a common means of simple transportation for over a thousand years. Just throw some sport in the mix, it sort of makes perfect sense.


The last few years, the world has had an obsession with this creative side of yoga. If you take a look around in some local bodies of water, chances are you will sport some standup paddlers surfing waves of all sizes and even practicing their favorite yoga moves.


For more than 5,000 years, people have been practicing yoga to find sama—the yogi term for balance—both mentally and physically. Most yoga lovers, or yogis, will test their ability to balance on anything—from an elevated object, to a slackline, and even on each other.


So given the recent trend in standup paddleboarding—a workout in which balance is key—it’s no surprise that someone, somewhere along the line thought to combine the two disciplines to give the world S.U.P Yoga as we know it.


Inflatable SUP Yoga is Bigger Than Ever

Your sensations while in a difficult pose, opening yourself up to what the pose is teaching you, or just sitting quietly and breathing are all examples of what yoga brings out for those who take the time to wade into the deeper waters of the experience. And the deeper you delve, the more you will uncover about yourself and the world around you and understand your placement within it. Take all this in and add the fact you are on open water, creating your own serenity.


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