Bring Your Furry Friend With you On Your ISup This Year

paddle boarding with dogs in the united states

Does your dog love water? Have you ever considered having your dog join you on a paddleboard? While this may seem very hard to attempt, the end result is way worth it. You must take advantage of this great outdoor adventure for both you and your dog. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc. we specialize in paddle boarding with dogs. With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to do it! We also specialize in PVC inflatable boat repair. We can help you anywhere in the United States.


Your Dog Is The Best Accessory To Your Board

Today, stand up paddle boarding is everywhere, on every stretch of water deep enough to dig a paddle into. This is very common in Florida.  And folks continue to enjoy time on the water with their pets. With accessories, that easily attach to all SUP boards, there is a comfortable spot for your four-legged companions. What if you don’t have a dog? We have seen dogs, cats, pigs, turtles, seals, and manatees all getting in on the action.  But it’s our canine companions that enjoy it the most and just the excitement they display when they know where they are going is motivation enough to get out on the water.


Our Steps To Paddle Boarding With Dogs

  • Keep your board in the house for a week in an area your dog is comfortable.
    • The point of this is to help your dog get used to the board and for him to see it as a fun and safe thing that he doesn’t need to be afraid of. Let your dog explore the board on his own at first. He will probably sniff it all over and may or may not try to walk on it.


  • Place a treat on the board.
    • After a day or so of this place a treat on the board so that your dog must walk on it in order to get it. Once he’s on the board give him another treat. Ask him to sit, give another treat. Do this periodically throughout the day. If your dog still seems uncomfortable then take the process a little slower.


  • Have special commands for getting off and on the board.
    • Having a special command for getting on and off the board during this process is quite important. Give your dog a special command for getting on the board to get his treat. Then make sure you give another special command when you ask your dog to get off. Each time he gets a treat when this is done properly.


  • Practice sitting, standing and paddling on the board with your dog.
    • Once your dog is comfortable sitting on the board in the right spot by himself now you can practice sitting and standing on the board with him. Ask your dog to get on the board and sit in his spot. Then sit on the board behind your dog. Give him another treat when he stays in place with you sitting behind him.


  • Head to the water.
    • Next, take your dog to the water with the board and practice the same steps with the board close to the water or slightly on the water. Go through each step to make sure he responds the same way in a different environment.


Ask Us About PVC Inflatable Boat Repair

Sealed Air Repairs, Inc. is your one-stop shop for everything having to do with inflatables and an inflatable boat. We can seal, patch, and repair. We also suggest paddle boarding with dogs. Whether it is inflatable SUP repair or the purchase of a brand new inflatable jet ski dock, we have you covered. Call us today from anywhere in the USA or across the world. Ask us about PVC inflatable boat repair.


We look forward to taking care of your needs! We also offer an inflatable water park for sale. Ask about our inflatable paddle board repair today!