Inflatable Paddle Board Storage Tips for Long-lasting Fun

paddle board storage in the us

You’ve spent a long day on the water – riding waves and soaking up sunshine. Now it’s time to store away your SUP, either for the day or the season. If you are in a coastal area like your friends at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. in Orlando, Florida, or live inland and simply ride the waves of your favorite lake or river, you’ll find the tips below helpful for paddle board storage, which can make your inflatable SUP last for many happy outings and prevent the premature need for inflatable SUP repair.

Beware of Salt and Sun

If you have been using your inflatable SUP on the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic or the Pacific, you’ll want to be sure that you splash your board with fresh water before storing. Saltwater can be corrosive, so take a moment to locate a nearby spigot and give it a good dowsing of fresh water after each use and before rolling up and storing.  

You’ll want to wait for your inflatable SUP to fully dry before storage. It’s smart to bring two beach towels — one for yourself and one for your board. Give it a good wipe. Pay special attention to the valve area. You want it to be very dry so any excess water doesn’t get inside when you open the valve to deflate.

The air escapes pretty fast. Press on the valve stem and give it a sharp clockwise turn to lock it down. With the valve stem down, you can begin rolling. Start at the nose and roll toward the back, forcing air out at the valve. If you ever went to sleepaway camp as a kid, the process will remind you of rolling up your sleeping bag. (Note: Certain inflatable SUP brands put the valve at the nose so adjust your roll as necessary. Begin opposite the valve and roll toward it.)

Once you have most of the air out, you can release the valve stem (push down and twist) so it locks in the up position. Once it’s up, air will no longer be able to enter or leave your inflatable SUP unless you attach the pump and re-inflate.

If you are only rolling to expel air and plan to store your board unrolled, you don’t need to have every last “puff” out of there. If rolling for storage, use the included strap to keep your board rolled, but not too tight.

The Ideal Place for Paddle Board Storage

One of the greatest advantages of an inflatable SUP over its epoxy cousins is the easy storage, but please don’t take that for granted and toss it any old place or you’ll be phoning your favorite inflatable SUP repair company before you know it. You can store your SUP either rolled or unrolled. Your best storage option is indoors, not leaning up against your garage in direct sunlight. If you plan to keep it rolled, store it so the bottom of the board (not the side) is against the ground.

While your storage spot doesn’t need to be temperature controlled, please be mindful of high temperatures. For those in the southern states, please realize your attics can turn into hotboxes pretty easily. Colder temperatures are less of an issue.

In Case of Mistake, Handle Repairs Quickly

Paddle board storage shouldn’t be taken lightly. Observe these few easy tips for long-lasting fun. In the event, you do require inflatable SUP repair, Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is always ready to lend a hand.  Contact us with any questions or needs about your inflatable products that you may have. Either email or give us a call at 321-505-1512.