5 More Reasons Why ISups Are Better Than Hard SUPS

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Paddleboarding is one of the most fun activities that you can enjoy on the water. There are many things that you can consider when it comes time for you to purchase your paddleboard. One major question is whether or not you should invest in an inflatable paddle board or a hard SUP. There are a variety of factors that go into this, including the type of paddler you are, and the ways that you’re going to be using your SUP. As inflatable paddleboard technology continues to improve more and more, construction techniques are evolving and new technology is emerging. Even many diehard traditional SUP riders are now making the transition to iSUPs, as the performance gap between the best inflatable SUPs and rigid boards continues to narrow. For the vast majority of paddle boarders, inflatable SUPs are a fantastic choice. After all the majority of the population are not performance-oriented paddlers involved in SUP racing, serious wave surfing, and competitions. Read on to learn more about paddle board inflatable vs hard boards. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. offers premium inflatable SUP repair all over the United States. Call us today for your paddle board repair services!


Why You Should By an iSUP


There are many reasons for you to purchase an iSUP, so let’s get into the first couple of them. Firstly, if you are planning to bring your paddleboard on a plane to fly to your vacation, inflatable paddle boards are fantastic. Inflatable paddle boards are easily stored in a bag or backpack after being packed down, and all you need to do is to throw your board in with your checked luggage, and pick it up when you arrive in order to experience all of the world’s best SUP spots without the costly board rental fees. Moreover, inflatable paddle boards are also fantastic for hiking due to their packability. It’s a breeze for you to pack up your paddleboard and hike to an amazing, out-of-the-way hidden lake or cove that you wouldn’t be able to on a rigid paddle board. On the financial side of things, inflatable paddle boards harbor much better resale value, as they look even better following a few years of use. It’s very easy for hard paddle boards to get dinged up, and will need to have been repaired by the time they are resold, inflatables tend to remain in great condition. With inflatable SUP repair by Sealed Air Repairs Inc., your well-cared-for iSUP will last you for many years and will go for a good price when you’re ready to let it go.


Paddle Board Inflatable Vs Hard Paddle Board


Inflatable SUP boards are also great for beginning paddleboarders, as while they remain rigid, they also offer a slight amount of give. Your inflatable thus providers a safer and more forgiving experience, in the case that you fall on your board, or it falls on you. Lastly, one important feature of inflatable paddle boards is that they are generally much lighter than your typical hard SUPs. For women and children who might find it difficult to carry a rigid board, iSUP boards are quite ideal.


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When it comes to a paddle board inflatable vs a hard paddle board, there are many components to consider. For many, an iSUP may be the right choice. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. provides inflatable SUP repair all across the United States so that you can enjoy your iSUP for many years. Call us today for your inflatable needs!