Inflatable Paddle Boards Can Help Promote Good Health!

balance exercises for seniors

Inflatable paddle boards are more than just a fun hobby; they can be incredibly beneficial for those who are older and want to maintain their health. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. knows that balance exercises for seniors are one of the reasons that SUPs are so great for people of all ages. We always encourage people to try their hand at paddle boarding because it is such an easy exercise and it is a very easily learnable skill. If you are interested in learning more about why you should be looking for an inflatable paddle board for sale, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. today.


Why Try Balance Exercises for Seniors on SUPs


When people reach a certain age, they are simply more prone to falling. This is a result of a loss of balance and muscle weakening. In fact, as many as one-third of these falls result in serious injuries. This muscular weakness is called muscular atrophy, and it leads to a decrease in strength as well as agility. This weakening, or sarcopenia, takes place in everyone but it will impact those who do not put in the effort to stay active more than those who maintain their level of activity.

Thankfully, that is what paddleboarding is for. Those who are over the age of forty can do a twenty-minute paddle for two or more days in a week, and this will allow them to build a strong neurological connection between the brain and the muscles. It is also the ideal activity for those who are older because it is non-jarring and it is anaerobic. Beyond simply providing you with improved balance, it also allows you to have better heart health.

In order to have fun out on your paddle board, you have to select an SUP that is best suited to your particular needs. That is why an inflatable paddle board can be so much better for a senior to a standard SUP. Because it is so light and portable, it makes it much easier to transport and allows the seniors facility of movement.


Looking for an Inflatable Paddle Board for Sale?


As an inflatable paddle board company, we not only understand what makes a great paddle board, but we also understand how to keep it great even after years of ownership. We value quality, and we make sure that is reflected in every single repair that we do and every inflatable that we sell. If you are searching for an inflatable paddle board for sale or any other inflatable, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. today.


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Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is an inflatables distributor and repair company that cares about the quality of inflatable that you purchase. We know that an inflatable SUP is more than just a board, but an opportunity for balance exercises for seniors, bonding time for families, and new hobbies for yourself. If you are ready to invest in inflatables for yourself, contact us today.