Get Your Dog on An Inflatable Paddle Board!

inflatable paddle board in the united states

If you are looking for a way to convince your dog to get out on the water with you, then get them on a inflatable paddle board! We’re not joking—not only are these vessels safe, but they are built so that your little fur baby is kept calm and comfortable. And you never know: your dog might be just as adventurous as you are! It’s a great way to bond and to get them outside for you both to enjoy some fresh air.

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So how exactly do you get your dog on an inflatable SUP? Take these tricks into consideration:

1. Make them comfortable

Inflatable paddle boards are quite large structures. This can initially terrify your dog when you first bring it into your home. And you will want to bring it inside so that your dog becomes acquainted with it. Introduce the new SUP as an excited new toy. Make them comfortable around it and coax them to sit or even nap on the board so that they become even more familiar with it.

2. Make them walk on the inflatable paddle board

If you are having a hard time getting your dog to become friendly with this new addition to your household, try offering them a treat on the paddle board. This will feed into the reminder that they get a snack any time that go on the board so that they will be more like (and hopefully even excited) when the time comes to get them on the water.

3. Give them commands and instruction

The next thing you will want to do is administer specific instructions or commands in relation to the paddle board. You will need to train them when to get on and off the board. Make sure they know not to get off the board without your instruction. This may take a few trials, but this step is the essential in ensuring your dogs paddle board safety.

4. Find an easy spot

Now it’s time to take them out! You will want to find a nice and easy spot to start out. In fact, you can even start on the shore and use your new commands to make sure your dog will listen in this new environment. Then you can practice the new sit and stand instructions without worrying about their reaction.

5. Practice

It might even be ideal to administer a few practice runs across a day or so without even getting them out on the water. Remember, practice makes perfect. Waiting for the right time to get your dog ready for this new adventure will ensure you will know how they react when they are near the water with their new paddleboard toy. You can move forward by putting the board in shallow water to continue practices sit and stand commands as well as paddling. Make sure to reward them when they’ve done it right!

6. Get them on the water

When you think your pup is ready (and you have made sure that your SUP isn’t in need of  an inflatable paddle board repair), get them out on the water! You will need to get on the back of the board first, and then instruct your buddy to sit in the front. Once you paddle your way out there, stand up and instruct your dog to follow shortly after you. And now you have a fun and exciting bonding activity with your best furry friend! Be sure to bring snacks and treats for the both of you while on the ride.

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