Deflating and Storing Your iSUP

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ISUP storage and care is important to the lifespan of your iSUP. Sealed Air Repairs can advise you on how to maintain your iSUP for optimal usage. We specialize in PVC inflatable boat repair as well as iSUP repair, so we know what it takes to keep an iSUP working smoothly and comfortably for a long time. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you repair your iSUP, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs today.

To Deflate Your iSUP

The first thing that you want to do when you are readying to deflate your iSUP is to make sure that the valve area is dry. Water cannot get inside the board when you open the H3 valve on the board because this can be detrimental to the board itself.

Once you have done that, the air will rush out very quickly. You want to press down and turn the valve stem clockwise in order to get it into the down position and lock it there. After you have gotten the valve stem down, you can then roll up the board from nose to tail to force the air to run out of the valve. You will want to roll it up like a sleeping bag.

After you have gotten all the air out of the board, you want to push down and twist the valve stem so that it releases and locks in the up position. When you have put it in the up position, it can no longer allow air to escape the board or enter the board. Use the strap of your board to bundle up the rolled board and store it.

On iSUP Storage

The ideal storage place for an iSUP is in a covered, temperature-controlled room. You will want to keep sunlight as well as salt water out of the space, because those are damaging to the board. After each use, rinse your board off with fresh water and let it dry before you store it.

Those are, however, ideal conditions. For many people, ideal does not always equal reality. If that is something that resonates with you, you can opt for alternate conditions. If you store your board rolled, you will want to keep it so that the bottom of the board is touching the ground, not the sides. While cold weather will not affect the life of your board, hot weather will so be sure to store it indoors.

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Sealed Air Repairs is a leading expert in PVC inflatable boat repair as well as iSUP repair. We understand that iSUP storage can have a big impact in the lifespan of a paddleboard and we always encourage our clients to take care of their iSUPs so that they can deal with fewer repairs. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we can help you, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs today.