The Best Environments to Ride Your Paddle Board

best places to paddle board in the us

As the owner of Sealed Air Repairs Inc., I’m frequently asked about the best places to paddle board. I’ve seen (and repaired!) just about every type of inflatable paddle board on the market today and I think people ask in an effort to discover the environment that will give them the most hours of enjoyment on their boards without rushing off for inflatable paddle board repair all the time.

If you’ve been itching to ask that question too, I have one word for you: Relax. Inflatable paddle boards are surprisingly sturdy and can deliver the thrills on just about any body of water. Of course, some are more suitable than others, so let’s take a look at the types of environments you might encounter and the best places to paddle board.

Bodies of Water for Paddle Boarding Paradise

If there is one body of water that is simply ideal for inflatable paddle boarding, it’s lakes. Paddle boarding on nice, flat water offers a tranquil opportunity to commune with nature or a full body workout of epic proportions. Most inflatable paddle boards are designed to track straight, which is a big bonus on the still waters of your favorite lake. If you primarily use your board on lakes, it may be years before you need inflatable paddle board repair.

You’ll put your inflatable paddle board through its paces a bit more when you take to a body of water that has a bit of current to it. In anything but the strongest whitewater rapids, you should have an enjoyable run with your inflatable paddle board. That “track straight” design, however, can work against you in very strong currents and whitewater situations.  But, don’t worry, the vast majority of rivers in the United States will provide a perfect playground for you.

If you do want to take a turn in rougher waters or the ocean, you might want to choose a long board, which is designed for surf conditions. Be sure to find your balance first and then begin your paddling efforts. Don’t be surprised if you take a spill now and then, but the paddling and the soaking are all in good fun.  Remember inflatable paddle boards are not surfboards. They are designed for paddling. If your true desire is to conquer waves, an inflatable paddle board isn’t the right choice.

Taking the Family Along to the Best Places to Paddle Board

No matter which body of water you choose, you ramp up the fun when you bring along friends or family members. While the marketing materials for most inflatable paddle boards show a single rider, many boards can accommodate a child (or two) or the family pet. The big thing to remember is the weight limit for your particular paddle board, as well as how much poundage you are willing to pull through the water. Chances are your arms will give out long before the kids have had all the fun they want.  If you have the physical strength to paddle and are confident you can keep everyone balanced, you should have great fun.

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From calm lake water to Class IV rapids, the world is full of the best places to paddle board. However, if you hit them all, sooner or later you may need inflatable paddle board repair. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is on hand to help with minor flaws or total failures. Contact us with any questions or needs about your inflatable paddle board. Either email or give us a call at 321-505-1512.