Washing & Cleaning

Let SAR Wash Your Inflatables!

Most inflatables spend their entire lives outside in the elements, and they get really dirty.

Sealed Air Repairs offers a very thorough and professional washing service for inflatables that includes getting all dirt and grime off, as well as any barnacles or exhaust soot. We remove cover sheets and netting panels and clean underneath them when we perform this service.

Professional Inflatable Washing Service

Even on pristine clean yachts, inflatables get dirty and are difficult to clean either on board or on the dock. Soot, grime, salts and other dirty elements get on the inflatables and should be cleaned when possible. It’s a great idea to schedule the maintenance and cleaning of your inflatables to coincide with your yard time or between charters.

If your inflatables operate in a water park, then the products get even dirtier and have the added element of growth of algae and barnacles building up underneath. These products should be cleaned regularly during the season, but especially at the end of each season.

You’ll get a longer life out of your inflatable investment if you clean and repair your inflatables before you store them for extended periods of time.

We also offer optional restoration and surface protection chemicals to bring your inflatables back to new and protect them against future elements.