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Sealed Air Repairs is stocked up on 1000’s of various pieces, parts and pumps to quickly get you what you need, wherever you may need it worldwide.

We realize that not all inflatable products are able to be shipped back to us in Florida for repair, and many times it’s not cost effective for us to travel to the repair. Therefore, let us help by supplying what you, or your local repair shop, needs to do the repairs on site.

We have a wide selection of parts that can be shipped globally on same day notice at any level of priority service.

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We Support What We Sell

We are happy to consult with you and give you directions on how to fix your specific repairs.

There are many qualified repair shops globally that can fix Hypalon inflatables, but they usually do not have the needed items to do PVC repairs. Hypalon and PVC are not compatible materials with each other.

This is where Sealed Air Repairs can help you.

Our shelves are stocked with everything needed to do most PVC repairs anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.

Whether you need PVC handles, vinyl materials, D-Ring lashing points, lifting straps or inflation valves, we have you covered. We have 1000’s of items in stock and we can ship glues and other hazardous materials throughout the USA, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

We’re also able to ship the tools and supplies needed to do the repairs including brushes, cleaners, tape and more to your yacht or repair facility on a global basis. Every item you see on our website, or in our catalog, is in stock and ready to ship.

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Many of our parts are available in up to 10 of the most common colors.

We also make custom anchoring attachments for any special applications.

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