Inflatable Refurbishment

Inflatable Refurbishing Saves Money

Inflatable products are designed to work hard, give loads of fun and good memories. Before you consider replacing your old inflatable with a new inflatable, think about refurbishing it instead.  For a fraction of the cost of a new one, we can put new life back into your investment.

We are stocked up with all the pieces and parts needed to completely refurbish most any sealed air inflatable.

Send us some photos of the condition of your inflatable and a list of all the known problems. We’ll look it over and schedule a phone call with you to discuss if it’s worth refurbishing or buying new.

Our Refurbishing Services include:

  • Leaks patched with our exclusive Double Lock Patches
  • Replace torn Handles and ripped off D-rings
  • Replacement of Slide Cover Sheets if needed
  • No Jump Netting replacement if needed
  • Replace Inflation and PRV Valves, as needed
  • Total product washing and cleaning
  • Addition of Non Slip materials as needed
  • End of season prep and storage.  Storage charges may apply.
  • We typically carry all parts and materials in stock to quickly perform full refurbishments with a 1 week turnaround time.

 Here are a few videos of our work:


The gallery below shows a full refurbishment of  M/Y Amarulla Sun – Jet Ski Dock

Customer Testimonial:


We are very happy with the repairs and modifications. We just finished a charter and it worked perfectly.
Better than when new. Definitely working with you guys from now on.
Thank you.”

Best Regards,

Capt Albert Rodriguez
M/Y Amarulla Sun
August 2, 2017
Experience Counts!
We Fix Fun!