Sealed Air Inflatables Marketplace

Sealed Air Inflatable Marketplace

Are you looking to buy or sell any new or used sealed air inflatables? Our new Sealed Air Inflatable Marketplace is the place to buy and sell used equipment.

Our used inflatables have gone through a very thorough inspection and detailing process, making sure they are as good as new. They are in-house and ready to be shipped or if you are docking in South Florida, we’ll be happy to bring them to you.

Keep an eye on this area as we add additional items for sale.  Contact us for further information on any new or used sealed air inflatables to purchase.  Also contact us to see how we can help you market your new or used sealed air inflatable.


New: Spinera Professional Endless Ride

The New Spinera is a fun filled action ride that allows 4-6 riders or 8-12 riders to be pulled and spun through the water. The smaller 4-6 person unit can be towed with a WaveRunner type craft, while the larger 8-12 person unit should be towed with a boat.

* Rotating Tube for 4-6 people, $3495 USD
* Rotating Tube for 8-12 people, $4695 USD
* Only colors scheme of teal/gray/white is currently available

Units are in stock and will be shipped from Orlando, FL.



New: Waterball Pool

Waterball Sales Flyer  **Only 3 left in stock**


Used: Inflatable Jet Ski Dock


SOLD: Hydro Bronc Pro


SOLD: Inflatable Trampoline

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