Global Repairs

SAR travels all over the world to fix your inflatables!

The skilled technicians of Sealed Air Repairs travel the globe as needed to fix high end inflatables on mega yachts and professional touring entertainment events. From Australia, to Asia, to Europe, multiple Caribbean Islands and other stops in between, SAR is the go to source to solve your PVC sealed air inflatable maintenace issues.

Ask about our Global Repair Service!

Global Services SAR Provides

  • Travel to any country worldwide when needed
  • Bring all the tools necessary to fix your inflatable
  • Expect the highest and professional service and uniformed staff
  • Timely repair services

SAR offers FL pickup too!

SAR does not only travel globally, but if your inflatable is in FL. We can pick it up, bring it to our shop, fix it and bring it right back to you.

How convenient is that?!

Yard time in Florida is a great time to service your inflatables to keep them in top shape. Sealed Air Repairs provides personalized service to super yachts moored anywhere in Florida