End of Season Service

Extend the life of your investment!

Sealed air inflatable products for yachts and water parks are the new rage in the inflatable industry.

They are expensive to purchase and typically receive a huge amount of wear and tear during the course of a commercial season.

It only makes sense that these products should be serviced on a regular basis to get the longest life from them. Sealed Air Repairs can help you extend the life of your investment by performing an End of Season Service on them. This extensive service will inspect and clean all of your inflatables. We’ll also fix anything we see that is wrong or broken including leaks, tears, missing handles and D-Rings.

Optional services include a chemical reconditioning of the vinyl surfaces. We also offer an optional winter storage until the following season.

Rest easy over the winter with our End Of Season service. You can put your inflatables back in the water next Spring with confidence.

Storing dirty games over long periods of time shortens their lifespan and diminishes your investment. Operators should get the End Of Season service scheduled as soon as possible after the inflatables are pulled from the water.

Please do not wait until Spring to schedule this service. This service is time consuming, and it fills up fast.

Be sure to schedule early to insure your service slot and storage space is available.

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Our End of Season services include:

  • Complete game cleaning
  • Valve and PRV inspection and testing
  • Optional reconditioning service
  • Algae and Barnacle cleaning
  • Check for leaks and repair as found needed.
  • Check all connections, grommet strips, and handles. Repair and/or replace as needed
  • Proper rolling and protection of cleaned, fixed and dried products for winter storage
  • Storage fee’s are determined by quantity of inflatables to store

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