How To Choose the Ideal Inflatable fishing boat

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Are you planning on taking a fishing trip in the near future? Do you have all the necessary supplies to ensure the success of your trip? When preparing for a fishing trip, the most crucial question is what boat will you be using. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc., we are here to inform you of a valuable option. We are talking about PVC fishing boats. Our experts highly suggest this type of vessel for a successful fishing experience. We specialize in PVC boat repair.


When you are spending a weekend with your family or friends near a river or lake, one of the best things you can do is go fishing. Of course, one of the main pieces of equipment you will need is a boat—except not everybody has one at their disposal. For those who are not precisely fishing enthusiasts or don’t have the resources or the space to store a large boat in their home, an inflatable fishing boat is a great solution. Not only is it sturdy and often wide enough to fit your fishing gear plus a few extra people, but it also solves the issue of portability when visiting various fishing locations. We are here to help you find a reliable inflatable boat.


Check Out These PVC Fishing Boats

Keep an eye out for these top choices when it comes to inflatable boats.

  • Solstice Voyager Inflatable Boat
    • Price: $56.95 – $84.95
    • The Solstice Voyager Inflatable Boat is a sturdy, affordable, and versatile choice. This wide inflatable raft is stable and ideal for use on lakes, streams, and even swimming pools. This model comes in three sizes to fit up to six people or four fishers with their gear. It is already equipped with two oars with swiveling locks, a fishing rod holder, inflatable seats, a foot pump with hose and nozzle, and Boston valves for easy and convenient inflation/deflation.
    • With additional features, specifically the double hull and four DIN air chambers, the Voyager remains safe and dry throughout your time on the water. In case you want to upgrade, you can also use it with the optional Solstice Motor Mount ($54.95) to accommodate an HP electric or gas motor.
    • Key Features:
      • Raft-Style Inflatable Fishing Boat
      • Fits Up To 4-6 Persons
      • Two Aluminum Shaft Oars with Swiveling Locks
      • Dual Inflatable Seats
      • Boston Valves for Quick Easy Inflation/Deflation
      • Double Hull and 4 DIN Chamber
      • Compatible with 2 HP Gas or Electric Motor
      • Made of Heavy Duty PVC with RF-Welded Seams


  • Solstice Outdoorsman Inflatable Fishing Boat
    • Price: $149.95 – $179.95
    • Like the first Solstice model, the Outdoorsman is a versatile and comfortable, raft-style inflatable boat that offers features for a convenient and fun-filled fishing experience. It has models that fit up to 4-6 persons and already comes with the usual dual inflatable seats, two sets of swivel oar locks, two fishing pole holders, and 2-bolster hulls for increased stability.
    • The Outdoorsman inflatable boat is also compatible with the separately available Solstice Motor Mount for the use of an HP electric or gas motor, in case you need to travel faster to a more distant fishing location.
    • Key Features:
      • Raft-Style Inflatable Fishing Boat
      • Fits Up To 4-6 Persons
      • Two Sets of Swivel Oar Locks for Easy Rowing
      • Two Fishing Pole Holders
      • Dual Inflatable Cushion Seats
      • 2-Bolster Hull Design for Increased Stability
      • Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation
      • Compatible with 2 HP Gas or Electric Motor
      • Made of Heavy Duty Vinyl with RF-Welded Seams


  • Sevylor Rio Inflatable Hunting Fishing Kayak
    • Price: $297.49
    • If you’re looking for the most compact boat for fishing, you can go for an inflatable fishing kayak. They’re lightweight yet spacious enough for your complete set of fishing gear and can even be packed into a backpack. The Sevylor Rio, for example, can be folded down into a handy nylon carry bag!
    • As for its features, you get the typical raised bow and stern for better handling, a Berkley fishing rod holder with dual mounting locations, an adjustable (covered) bucket seat, an inflatable floor or fishing platform, and trolling motor mounts to accommodate a Sevylor Electric Trolling Motor. The inflatable kayak’s robust 18-gauge PVC bladder with RF-welded seams—and thick nylon cover with tarpaulin bottom—ensure long-term use and durability against the strongest rapids.
    • Key Features:
      • Kayak-Style Inflatable Fishing Boat
      • Fits 1 Person
      • Berkley Fishing Rod Holder with Dual Mounting Options
      • Covered Adjustable Bucket Seat
      • Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation
      • Heavy Duty D-Rings for Securing Gear
      • Trolling Motor Mounts for Sevylor Electric Trolling Motor
      • Made of 18-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF-Welded Seams


  • Solstice Outcat Catamaran Inflatable Fishing Boat
    • Price: $499.95
    • If you’re looking for a more stable and responsive inflatable boat for fishing, consider the Solstice Outcat Catamaran Inflatable Fishing Boat. The unique catamaran-meets-raft design offers both storage space for your gear and improved load-bearing performance to support heavy equipment. It’s also made from thick and durable three-ply PVC-coated fabric with tough RF-welded seams to ensure its reliability in the water.
    • Also built into the Solstice Outcast Catamaran boat is a comfortable kayak seat for one person, a water-resistant storage bag for your gear, a swivel oarlock for easy rowing, Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation, plus two high-pressure chambers and a rigid transom for your trolling motor.
    • Key Features:
      • Cataraft-Style Inflatable Fishing Boat
      • Fits 1 Person
      • Swivel Oar Lock for Easy Rowing
      • Comfortable Kayak Seat
      • Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation
      • Water-Resistant Storage Bag
      • High-Pressure Chambers and Transom for Trolling Motor
      • Made of 3-Ply PVC-Coated Fabric with RF-Welded Seams


  • Solstice Sportster Inflatable Fishing Boat
    • Price: $839.95
    • The Solstice Sportster Inflatable Boat is an excellent choice for both fishing and cruising around lakes and rivers. It follows the typical dinghy-style boat that accommodates heavy gear, including your large tackle boxes, and a 10-horsepower gas or electric trolling motor on one end of the boat.
    • Like the Voyager fishing raft, it already comes with a set of oars with swiveling locks for convenient rowing. It doesn’t come with a swivel seat, but it does have an aluminum bench seat—or you can go for the optional Solstice Quest Inflatable Seat ($17.95). The boat also features four high-pressure air chambers with Boston valves for added safety and convenient setup.
    • For its price, you can be sure of its durability, strength, and reliability through extended use.
    • Key Features:
      • Dinghy-Style Inflatable Fishing Boat
      • Fits Up to 4 Persons
      • Two Aluminum Shaft Oars with Swiveling Locks
      • Aluminum Bench Seat
      • Four High-Pressure Air Chambers for Safety
      • Heavy Duty D-Rings for Mooring and Towing
      • Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation
      • Compatible with 10HP Gas or Electric Motor
      • Made of Marine Grey 3-Ply PVC-Coated Fabric with RF-Welded Seams


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