Common Failures of Inflatable Boats and SUPs

inflatable stand up board in the us

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that an inflatable boat or inflatable stand up board is actually “inflatable.” I mean, they make them so darn rugged these days, you might be tempted to put it through some fairly punishing activity. While most inflatable boats and SUPs are incredibly durable — let’s face it, rental companies wouldn’t invest so much in an item that couldn’t withstand a decent amount of abuse from kids and clueless amateurs — they still must be handled wisely with professional inflatable paddle board repair. Let’s take a look at how some types of damage occurs, what you should do to keep it from ruining your ride and, if it does, how Sealed Air Repairs Inc. can help.


Dangers in the Environment


The environment in which you use your inflatable boat or SUP can be fraught with peril. Gravel and rocks along the shore and barnacles crusting the sides of docks are two areas where danger lurks, allowing for abrasions and tears. Pointed branches and sticks lie in wait to puncture your board or boat. And, myriad things hide underwater that could damage your board.


The damages you encounter can be minor or major – often it’s a question of the quality of the board itself as to whether it’s a critical issue. Less expensive boards may have fewer layers and, therefore, tear more easily.


When Inflatable Stand Up Board Damage Occurs


If you do hit something, check your board as soon as it is feasible. Immediately is not too soon. Flip it over and look for gashes, punctures or rubs. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if it’s a simple “ding” or something more serious.


Chances are, if your board is damaged, you will hear a faint hissing noise. Your board may begin to deflate slowly or rapidly. This is one of the main reasons you want to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) each and every time you use your board.


If you believe that your board is experiencing failure through no fault of yours, you may want to invoke the warranty and ship it back to the manufacturer or retailer. You will probably have to bear the shipping cost, but you could get an entirely new board. That is, if the manufacturer agrees with you that the flaw was inherent in the item itself. Obtaining a professional opinion may be a good first step before rolling the dice and sending it back. Look for a vendor who specializes in inflatable paddle board repair.


Get Professional Help to Preserve Your Investment


Inflatable SUPs and boats aren’t cheap. If your inflatable stand up board is no longer under warranty, professional inflatable paddle board repair is the quickest way to preserve your investment and get you back on the waves. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. specializes in small rips, tears and punctures, as well as major failures. Contact us with any the professional advice you need to get back to the business of fun. Either email or give us a call at 321-505-1512.