The Best Way to Tow Your Inflatable Raft

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An inflatable raft requires proper maintenance, care, and handling. When towing an inflatable boat, raft, or dingy, you need the proper equipment as well as procedural steps. When towing the raft after a day on the water, you will need a towing bridle. When towing an inflatable boat, you should never tow the raft by the central D-Ring at the point of the bow with the integrated handle. You should tow from the two D-Rings often called pad eyes, as the best way to tow inflatable boats is to use the D-rings on the sides of the bow area. If you tow your inflatable paddle board improperly, you may cause damage. For inflatable paddle board repair, contact Sealed Air Repairs Inc. at any of our national locations.


Mistakes When Towing An Inflatable Boat, Raft, or Dingy


A common mistake when towing an inflatable raft, boat, or dingy is using the towing bridle improperly. Many boaters will connect the tow lines to D-Rings and then knot these lines to the bridle. That is not the right way to use the towing bridle, and will result in excessive wear on the pad eyes of the dingy. Moreover, this will cause the inflatable raft or dingy to become unstable and possibly capsize while in tow. If you have an inflatable dingy, a common problem it has when being towed is shipping on water. This problem can be fixed if you properly rig the tow bridle in order to pull the inflatable boat behind mainship, sailboat, or yacht. How you’re supposed to attach a tow bridle to inflatable boats and rafts is to slide the end of the tow line through the bridle to create a loop with which the bridle slides back and forth as the dingy shifts in the water. You can easily fix this issue by rigging the tow bridle properly when pulling inflatables behind mainship, yacht, or sailboat, and avoid needing inflatable paddle board repair.


Correct Way to Tow Your Inflatable Raft


The way that you’re supposed to attach a tow bridle to your inflatable board or other vehicle is to slide the end of the two line through the bridle in order to make a loop that the bridle can slide back and forth with as the dingy shifts in the water. This loop will distribute the tension on the pad eyes from one to the other as the loads change so that they don’t wear out. When the towline is allowed to shift, it allows the inflatable sea boat or raft to remain stable on the water and not collect water or remain too stiff in rougher seas.


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