Which Inflatable Boat Should You Choose?

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If you live near a body of water or enjoy aquatic activities, an inflatable boat can be a fantastic addition to your life. When choosing an inflatable raft, boat, or kayak, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Generally people who are uninformed just want to know whether the boat should be hard or soft, but that is a personal choice totally up to the boater. However, we at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. have a few recommendations for first-time inflatable owners to suit your rafting or boating needs. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. offers national pvc inflatable boat repair at affordable prices. We promise premium service for your inflatable needs. Call a location near you today for your inflatable repairs!


Recommendations on What You Should Look For


Owning an inflatable raft is a gateway to all sorts of good times. Picture riding the rapids in a big raft with a bunch of your friends roller-coaster style, laughing your heads off. The first thing you do for this picture to become a reality is to pick exactly what type of boat you are going to do this in. The choices you have are inflatable rafts, boats, kayaks, or SUP’s. Hard hull kayaks are not the right choice, since they are not nearly as maneuverable, wide enough, or sturdy enough if you are looking at rougher seas or rapids. One of the best inflatable boats you can buy on the market is Saturn SD365 12’ inflatable, which is a versatile sea boat with a wide interior and feature heavy-duty construction for rougher waters. This boat can be outfitted for a variety of activities such as fishing, diving, and even river rafting. Since the body is thick 1100 Denier Korean PVC, it maintains its strength without bulk or weight. When used as a personal river raft, this boat can be set up and carried by a single person with a dolly. With this boat, you can create your next river adventure. But for swimming or diving in the calm of a lake or larger body of water, the Saturn inflatable boat is the one for you. You can swim and dive in full safety and comfort in the SD365, which features safety valves moved inward from the tubes, away from the elements, and in a position where it can inflate the dingy from inside the boat. These hidden air valves assist with both inflation and deflation. The transom on this boat is 24mm marine grade plywood, which can hold a 30HP outboard motor, unlike most other models which can only hold a 15HP motor.


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What you should look for when purchasing an inflatable river raft is toughness and stability. When purchasing a commercial grade, heavy-duty raft, it’s important to find one that is functional and fun. The raft can be included in these inflatable river boats and should be easy to carry with the included carry bag and should have a simple set up process. When looking for the right inflatable raft or boat, it’s important to find one that is easy to maneuver and agile in the whitewater so that you can have the best time as an outdoor sportsman. Slimmer, faster hulls are also what is essential in an inflatable kayak, and you should look for one with wide tubes and air deck floors that are ideal for a long, easy going trek down the canals and byways of secluded bays or coves. For any of your pvs inflatable boat repair needs, you can visit any of Sealed Air Repairs Inc.’s national locations.


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