Best Guided Float Trips

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There is something extremely exhilarating and free about the journey along a river on a float trip. It makes life seem a little stressful. Maybe after completing a single day rafting trip, you want to push your excitement further. Perhaps you just want to get out of the stress of daily life and find a quick escape. A quick disconnect will never hurt anyone. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. are experts on PVC inflatable boat repair. We are here to show you our top destinations for the best-guided float trips in the USA.


What is a Float Trip Experience?

Once springtime hits anywhere in our country, it is time to take a float trip. This involves floating down a river in a canoe, raft, or inner tube. You pay a relatively low price for your floating device, and then you are off! Most people fill up coolers with beer and shots and actually pay for a separate inner tube to use for floating the beverages. Our company features an abundance of flotation devices that will aid to make this trip on for the books! We also specialize in PVC inflatable boat repair.


Our List of Float Trips

  • Colorado River, Arizona
    • Section: Grand Canyon (Class I-V)
    • The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the premier, multi-day rafting trip on the North American continent, offering 226 miles of big water excitement set in one of the most beautiful desert canyons on Earth.


  • Salmon River, Idaho
    • Section: Middle Fork (Class III-V), Main Salmon (Class III), Lower Salmon (Class III)
    • The Salmon River boasts more options for trip length and more diverse scenery and wildlife than any other river in America as it cuts through the middle of the largest contiguous, roadless wilderness in the lower 48 states.


  • Chattooga River, South Carolina/Georgia
    • Section: Section III (Class III w/ one IV) Section IV (Class V)
    • The legendary Wild and Scenic River is one of the most beautiful free-flowing streams in the country. Whether you’re looking to ride raging class V in the springtime on section IV or cool off with some light class II-III in summer on Section III, the Chattooga is the premier destination for wilderness rafting in the Southeast.


  • Gauley River, West Virginia
    • Section: Upper (Class V), Lower (Class IV)
    • When the Corps of Engineers draws down Summersville Lake for six weekends in September and October each year, the water rushes into the riverbed of the best single-day rafting trip in America.


  • Arkansas River, Colorado
    • Section: Granite Gorge (Class II-III), The Numbers (Class III-V), Browns Canyon (Class III), Royal Gorge (Class III-V)
    • The Arkansas River is the ultimate rafting destination in the Rockies, flowing through a wide glacial valley surrounded by 14,000-plus-foot peaks before plunging into the thousand-foot-deep slot canyon of Royal Gorge.


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