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When it comes to the reparation of inflatable water products such as paddle boards and yacht toys, Sealed Air Repairs Inc. offers premium quality service that cannot be beat. Rather than spending time and even wasting money on trying to fix your blow up paddle board or other inflatable water product, come to Sealed Air Repairs Inc. Inflatables are able to last for a very  long time if they are well cared for, and provide years of excitement and enjoyment to their owners and operators. You simply need to have an adequate maintenance program in place in order to keep your inflatables in top shape, so that your investment will last for years of additional fun. Home repair kits are often ineffective and don’t provide you with the right type of tools for you to be able to fix your paddleboard. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. offers high-quality inflatable paddle board repair all over the United States to make sure that you get the most out of your inflatable paddle board. Call us today for your inflatable water product repair needs!


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We at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, which comes from both the materials we use as well as the variety of services that we provide in terms of inflatable repair. We at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. are able to patch any leaks on your inflatable water products with Double Lock Patches, which are exclusive to us. Moreover, you can come to us for replacement of your torn handles and ripped off rings, as well as the replacement of slide cover sheets. No Jump netting replacement is also something we offer, along with complete product refurbishment, total product cleaning, and end of season prep and cleaning services. One of the products that we commonly repair are inflatable yacht toys. Since the introduction of the sealed air yacht slide in 2009, the inflatable yacht toy segment has been on a steady rise. All over the world today, 1000’s of PVC inflatable of all types reside on yachts. The next time the yacht is in the yard for service, it’s a wise decision for you to schedule a maintenance review of your inflatables at the same time. Simply give Sealed Air Repairs a call and we will take a look at your product, inspect it thoroughly, and tell you exactly what needs to be fixed before going ahead and putting your inflatable back into tip top shape. It’s crucial to not let our inflatable break in the middle of a charter. While your inflatables are off the yacht, it’s a great time to wash and clean them. In addition to repairing


Blow Up Paddle Board Repair That Lasts- And More


As  the iSUP market continues to steadily rise, it’s important to know a little bit about the maintenance of these products. iSUPs are built with a material known as Drop Stitch fabric. Maintenance kits that you can buy at the store often don’t have the right type of glue, and can often come apart on the water, so that you’ve wasted your money. This is not even taking into account the amount of time it probably took. Here at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. our factory trained experts quickly fix your inflatable boards so you can get back on the water as  soon as possible. Our incredible SUP Goop product ensures repairs that last a long time. We also work on all types of other Drop Stitch products such as Jet Ski Docks, Floating Loungers, and much more in addition to inflatable paddle board repair.


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From your blow up paddle board to yacht inflatable, Sealed Air Repairs Inc. offers premium repair services that will help your inflatables last for years. Call us today for your inflatable paddle board repair needs!