Give the Gift of a BTP12 Electric Pump

electric pump for inflatables in the united states

One of the essential pieces when it comes to an inflatable boat is the electric pump. Without this electric pump for inflatables owning an inflatable boat is almost pointless. Without proper PVC boat inflation and lack of maintenance care, these boats become easily damaged. The point is having to avoid buying a brand new PVC boat in the future to replace the one you already own. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc. we specialize in PVC inflatable boat repair.


We Sell A BTP12 Electric Pump

The Bravo BTP 12 is a portable 12v Battery Powered pump that easily to connects to cars, boats or ATV batteries. This pump will effortlessly inflate your inflatable SUP’s up to 15psi in a matter of minutes.

  • Will inflate all iSUP’s with HR style inflation valves
  • Deflation feature vacuums down the inflatable for quick storage
  • Lightweight and Compact /High-Pressure Piston Pump
  • Includes Carrying Bag
  • Stops automatically when selected pressure setting is reached
  • 12-volt battery not included

At our shop, it is only sold for $99.99!


We Specialize In Electric Pump for Inflatables and PVC Inflatable Boat Repair

The founder of Sealed Air Repairs, Mark Anastasia, has been manufacturing commercial inflatable products for over 25 years. He spent 16 of those years living full time in various cities in China working inside Chinese inflatable manufacturing facilities. He has the track record and experience of building more than 30,000 commercial inflatable products over these years.


In 2013, Anastasia co-founded FunAir with Eric Goldreyer and helped build that brand into a global powerhouse of the Sealed Air Inflatable Yacht Toys industry.


In 2016, he retained his ownership of FunAir, but stepped out of day to day operation and management to create Sealed Air Repairs to service the demand from the marketplace for sealed air repair services. The timing was right and Sealed Air Repairs is growing very quickly into the repair industry leader for sealed air products.


The Mission of Sealed Air Repairs is to provide the highest, and most professional, level of service to the sealed air inflatable industry. This includes offering impeccable, timely repair services and parts for all major brands including Wibit, FunAir, Rave Sports, Aquaglide, Air Head, WOW Sports, Freestyle Cruiser, and many lesser-known Chinese brands. We are a professional repair service with a special skill set working on both PVC and Drop Stitch inflatables (such as Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUP)). We fix many leading iSUP brands including Nash, Starboard, Fisher, Wakooda, Isle and others.


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Sealed Air Repairs, Inc. is your one-stop shop for everything having to do with inflatables and an inflatable boat. We can seal, patch, and repair.  Whether it is inflatable SUP repair or the purchase of a brand new inflatable jet ski dock, we have you covered. Call us today from anywhere in the USA or across the world. Ask us about PVC inflatable boat repair.


We look forward to taking care of your needs! We also offer an inflatable water park for sale. Try our electric pump for inflatables today!