6 Amazing Inflatable Water Parks Around The Globe

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Are you a fan of soaking in the sun during a hot summer day? The summer heat can get overwhelming. What better way to stay cool than visiting a floating water park. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. specializes in giant inflatable water slides for sale and also an inflatable water park for sale. Because of this, we would like to shed some light on the best water parks in the United States and across the world.


Check Out These Inflatable Water Parks

  • Splash Island Water Park
  • Set on Reduit Beach in St. Lucia, Splash Island Water Park is the first open-water floating sports park in the Caribbean. Now in its fourth year, the water park continues to grow and delight guests with its floating obstacle course, trampoline, climbing wall, swings, water polo, and monkey bars. Or, simply run around the perimeter of the modular water park to see if you can do so without tumbling into the water unless of course, you’re ready and eager to cool off.
  • Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach
  • With one season under its belt, the Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach on Lake Michigan is already gearing up for a wet and wild summer. Just 30 minutes from Chicago, this colorful floating water park boasts more than 60 inflatables, including slides, monkey bars, half pipes, and trampolines. When you are ready for a break from the splashy action, rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, or simply chill out on the shore with your towel, a beach read, and your favorite summer playlist.
  • ACE Adventure Resort
  • At ACE Adventure Resort in Oak Hill, WV, the five-acre Wonderland Water Park awaits those eager for water slides, zip lines and loads of inflatables, like see-saws and obstacle courses, set up right on the mountain lake. There’s even a 25-foot inflatable climbing mountain. However, the true fan favorite is “The Blob,” a massive jumping pillow designed to toss one person high into the sky and into the lake once a second person jumps on the other end of the pillow from a platform.
  • Wake Island Water Park
  • In Pleasant Grove, CA, get ready to be wowed by Wake Island Water Park, the biggest water park resort on the west coast. Across 80 acres, you can try out wakeboarding, check out pedal boats, swim in the lake and of course, splash around at the Aqua Park. More than 50 inflatables, like slides, jumping pillows, bridges, swings, and balance beams add up to a day filled with wet and slippery fun. Back on land, try beach volleyball or grab lunch at the Beach Hut Deli.
  • Aqua Fun Dubai
  • Everything’s bigger in Dubai, so it should come as no surprise that it’s home to the world’s largest inflatable water park, Aqua Fun. More than 70 inflatable slides, obstacles, swings, and trampolines are set just off the coast of Jumeirah Beach. Notably, the floating water park spells out “DUBAI” in English when read left to right, and also in Arabic when reading right to left. In Abu Dhabi, Aqua Fun recently opened the country’s first inflatable water park, which spells out “I <3 AD.”


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