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For the last quarter century, the founder of Sealed Air Repairs, Mark Anastasia, has been creating commercial inflatable products. 16 of these years of experience has been spent residing full time inside different cities in the country of China working inside factories that manufacture inflatables. With a track record of building more than 30,000 commercial inflatable products over the last couple of decades, there is nobody better than Anastasia and Sealed Air Repairs to fulfill all of your inflatable needs. FunAir was created in 2013 with partner Eric Goldreyer, and the brand was built into a global powerhouse of the Sealed Air Inflatable Yacht Toys industry. In 2016, Sealed Air Repairs was created by Anastasia in order to meet the demand from the marketplace for sealed air repair services, and the timing managed to hit correctly in order to match market demand. Sealed Air Repairs is now expanding rapidly in the repair industry, becoming the repair industry leader when it comes to sealed air products. We have recently come out with the Sombra Shade, an insanely convenient new inflatable sunshade to protect yourself from the sun anywhere in the United States. Read on to learn more about the Sombra Shade now! Contact Sealed Repairs Inc. for your PVC inflatable boat repair needs and more today!


We Repair and Provide Inflatables


Within the sealed air inflatable industry, Sealed Air Repairs carries the mission statement of providing the highest and most professional level of service for your PVC inflatable boat repair needs. This includes offering impeccable, timely repair services and parts for all major brands, including but not exclusive to Wibit, FunAir, Rave Sports, Aquaglide, Air Head, WOW Sports, Freestyle Cruiser, and many lesser known brands from China. Sealed Air Repairs also manufactures many incredible inflatable products. The Sombra Shade is one of these awesome, cool new products that every beach-going consumer needs in their life. You don’t think about needing a Sombra Shade until you set it up and then think to yourself, “Oh my Gosh, why didn’t I think of this? And why didn’t I buy this sooner?” It only takes around 3 minutes for one person with a Sombra Shade to be able to set up their own little oasis on the beach with a lot of cool shade and room to get comfortable and move around in, whether you want to lounge all day or take a break from pounding the waves.


The Inflatable Sun Shade You Need


The Sombra Shade is highly light weight and is able to fit into its own carrying bag that is about the size of a small baseball bat and only weighs about a couple of pounds. The Sombra Shade is always ready to be popped out and used for action, and an extra perk of the SombraShade is that the anchoring system for this little pocket piece of shade is the sand itself. All you need to do is to spread the fabric out, push sand into each corner pocket, put the poles wherever you want to, and get ready to relax the day away.


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The Sombra Shade by Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is an inflatable sun shade that can be ordered anywhere in the United States online. Contact Sealed Air Repairs Inc. for your PVC inflatable boat repair and more today!