10 Tips and Tricks For Riding an ISUP

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Stand-up paddling, also known as SUP, is one of the fastest growing sports done on the water in the world. Paddling on a paddle board is lots of fun, easy to get into for beginners, and challenging enough to keep intermediate and advanced surfers engaged. Paddling on a paddleboard also gives you a fantastic workout and can also be enjoyed on any body of water, from lakes to oceans. Made popular in today’s world by surf legend Laird Hamilton in 2004, stand-up paddling has a rich history that dates all the way back to thousand-year old Hawaiian culture. Read on to learn more about some tips for SUP beginners! The SUP inflatable paddle board is the future of this sport, as they are easy to transport and can last for a long time when properly maintained. Sealed Air Repairs Inc. provides inflatable SUP repair all around the United States, and we are also available to provide end of season maintenance to keep your SUP in tip top shape. Call Sealed Air Repairs Inc. today for your stand up paddle board repair needs!


Top ISUP Tips


  • The Right Board- For those who are just starting out with SUP, you should choose an ISUP that is as wide, thick, and long as possible to help you stay balanced and steady.
  • The Right Paddle- Generally the paddle should be around 10 inches longer than the user for maximal grip and traction.
  • The Right Leash- Another thing to keep in mind about leashes is that the leash should be either as long as or a bit shorter than the paddleboard. It’s important to always use the leash, even as an advanced SUP-er.
  • Start Going Easy- While this may seem obvious, it’s important for beginners to remember to begin their paddleboarding efforts in calm waters and take it slow. Only begin to paddle after you learn how to find a good balance.
  • Don’t Be Afraid- Make peace with the fact that you will end up falling at some point, and take it in stride. Learn from your paddleboarding mistakes!


SUP Inflatable Paddle Board


Here are more tips on how to start out in the sport of SUP. Remember- Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is here for your inflatable SUP repair needs in order to keep your inflatable paddle board in tip top shape!

  • How To Take a Fall- Most likely, your instructor will teach you how to fall, but you should ask them if they don’t, as falling is one of the most important parts of any watersport.
  • Keep Your Eyes Ahead- Do not just stare at your feet and make sure to be aware of where you’re headed. Staring at your feet can end up causing a loss of balance or lead you into a collision course.
  • Set Realistic Goals- Make sure to tackle the waves you know you can tackle, as you may be eager to start riding waves as a beginner but may not be ready. Slow and steady wins the race!
  • Wear A Vest- If you’re a practiced swimmer, you can skip this part, but as a beginner you should strap one on.
  • Stand Properly- Make sure you have a stable stance before learning how to paddle forwards and change direction.


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Now that you’re ready for your SUP inflatable paddle board, it’s time to hit the water! Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is here for your inflatable SUP repair needs, and repairs ISUPs all over the United States. Call Sealed Air Repairs Inc. today for your repair needs and for end of season maintenance service!