Sand & Grit: The Nemesis of Inflatable Boats

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Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if inflatable boats were indestructible? Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are many materials and objects out there that may be threatening our favorite inflatable vessels. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc. we are here to ensure that you know all the information to keep your boats protected. We specialize in PVC leak repair and also inflatable SUP repair. We can help you from anywhere across the United States.


Keep Up On Your Maintenance

On a regular basis, you need to rinse out your inflatable, because the nemesis of every inflatable boat is sand and grit. The sand can lodge in the crevices between the side tubes and the floor or under the wooden floorboards and, as the boat moves through the water, that sand has all the properties of sandpaper to grind away at the skin of your inflatable. If you can, stand your inflatable up on its stern or turn it upside down so you can thoroughly flush away all the sand and grit. Rinse off the valves to keep grit out of the mechanism.


Valve leaks are usually caused by sand or grit jamming the mechanism, or by a missing o-ring necessary for an airtight seal. Use the inflatable air pump to blow out foreign particles from the valve and, if that doesn’t solve the problem, have a new valve installed.


PVC Leak Repair Can Be Avoided

Taking care of your inflatable is the best way to keep from having to make repairs. The “skin” of your inflatable is much like your own skin: it is susceptible to both abrasion and puncture. When tying up your inflatable, don’t leave it to chafe against a piling covered with sharp barnacles or a dock with rough-edged wood planking. If you’re going to pull your inflatable onto a beach, try to lift it as much as possible so that you don’t drag it over rocks or shells.


We Offer Inflatable SUP Repair

Sealed Air Repairs is a specialist in the repair of inflatable SUP (iSUP) boards and other Drop Stitch inflatable products. With a typical operating pressure of 15psi or higher, an iSUP repair requires a skilled technician to ensure it does not leak. Our staff has been factory trained in multiple factories in China in all aspects of building and repairing iSUP and Drop Stitch products. In the gallery of photos below, you will see some of the most common repairs of iSUP’s include blown out seams, inflation valves that have blown backing nets, and replacing fins that have fallen off.


Our services include:

  • Repair of leaking top and bottom seams
  • Repair of seam blowouts
  • Repair of leaks inside walls
  • Repair of leaking valves
  • Repair of blown valve backing nets
  • Center fin replacement
  • Side fin replacements
  • Adding reinforcing trim strips
  • Add additional or replace rings
  • We repair all brands of iSUP’s


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