Don’t Replace…Refurbish!

boat refurbishing in United states

Just because you have a damaged inflatable does not mean you need to completely replace. Why not just save the expense and repair it instead. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc. we are the professionals who will make sure that your sealed air inflatable is properly refurbished. We specialize in PVC boat refurbishing. The United States trusts us when it comes to PVC inflatable boat repair.


We Can Save You Money

Inflatable products are designed to work hard, give loads of fun and good memories. Before you consider replacing your old inflatable with a new inflatable, think about refurbishing it instead.  For a fraction of the cost of a new one, we can put new life back into your investment.


We are stocked up with all the pieces and parts needed to completely refurbish most any sealed air inflatable. Send us some photos of the condition of your inflatable and a list of all the known problems. We’ll look it over and schedule a phone call with you to discuss if it’s worth refurbishing or buying new.


We include all the following refurbishing services:

  • Leaks patched with our exclusive Double Lock Patches
  • Replace torn Handles and ripped off D-rings
  • Replacement of Slide Cover Sheets if needed
  • No Jump Netting replacement if needed
  • Replace Inflation and PRV Valves, as needed
  • Total product washing and cleaning
  • Addition of Non-Slip materials as needed
  • End of season prep and storage. Storage charges may apply.
  • We typically carry all parts and materials in stock to quickly perform full refurbishments with a 1 week turnaround time.


We Are The Best In The Business

The founder of Sealed Air Repairs, Mark Anastasia, has been manufacturing commercial inflatable products for over 25 years. He spent 16 of those years living full time in various cities in China working inside Chinese inflatable manufacturing facilities. He has the track record and experience of building more than 30,000 commercial inflatable products over these years.


In 2013, Anastasia co-founded FunAir with Eric Goldreyer and helped build that brand into a global powerhouse of the Sealed Air Inflatable Yacht Toys industry.


In 2016, he retained his ownership of FunAir, but stepped out of day to day operation and management to create Sealed Air Repairs to service the demand from the marketplace for sealed air repair services. The timing was right, and Sealed Air Repairs is growing very quickly into the repair industry leader for sealed air products.


Call Us Today for Inflatable Paddle Board Repair

Sealed Air Repairs, Inc. is your one-stop shop for everything having to do with inflatables and boat refurbishing. We can seal, patch, and repair. Our products feature drop stitch fabric. Whether it is inflatable SUP repair or the purchase of a brand new inflatable jet ski dock, we have you covered. Call us today from anywhere in the USA or across the world. Ask us about PVC inflatable boat repair.