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Inflatable boat accessories at United States

Have you been looking for new inflatable boat accessories? Sealed Air Repairs, Inc. has everything you could possibly need and all of our products are available across the United States. Not only do we have all of the accessories you could need, but we can help you with your inflatable SUP repair. Keep reading to learn more about the products we have available


The Full List of Our Inflatable Boat Accessories

No matter what accessories you’re looking for whether it’s for an inflatable SUP repair or something else we have precisely what you’re looking for! Take a look below for the full list of products we offer.

  • Inflation Valve Tool: $8.00- use this to remove or replace an inflation valve.
  • Bravo Hose Adaptor: $29.00- This replacement adaptor will attach to the end of the hose and can be used with any HR style inflation valves.
  • Glue Knife: $55.00- A professional tool that is used to apply glue patches during inflatable repairs properly. It is made of stainless steel.
  • Webbing Strap: $20.00- This nylon strap is ideal for keeping your games tightly secured. Each strap features stainless steel rings and measures 10’ long.  
  • Double Head Friction Strap: $27.00- 1” webbing adjustable strap to connect multiple inflatables together.
  • Digital Pressure Gauge: $20.00- Digital multifunction gauge. This accessory measures PSI, KPa, Bar, and Kgf. It also will fit any HR Style inflation valve.
  • Quick Connect Strap: $15.00- This accessory will attach two inflatables together.
  • Bravo SUP 4 Hand Pump: $49.00- This hand pump will have you quickly pump up your high-pressure inflatable. It is a two-way action pump that can reach up to twenty-seven psi. It will work with all inflatable products with a Bravo or Halkey Roberts valves. There is a built-in pressure gauge so you can control the pressure.
  • Bravo BTP 12 Electric Pump: $99.00- This is a portable 12v battery powered pump that connects to cars, boats, and ATV batteries. This pump will have no problem inflating your SUP’s up to 15 psi. There is a deflation feature that can vacuum down your inflatable for quick storage. When you buy it, you will also get a carry on bag.
  • Anchor Rope 1.2m: $50.00- This rope is made for anchoring inflatable play structure. They feature a stretch property, so they are able to stretch up to eighty feet to prevent anchor rings from being torn off. They are available in both blue and white.
  • Zipper Lubrication Tube: $5.00- This product will work on any airtight or watertight zipper. It is suitable for all brands.
  • Bravo 2000 Hi-Pressure Pump: $375.00- This electric inflation pump is the highest quality available today. It has a two-stage motor for high output inflation. It comes with a 5’ hose, but there are longer hose lengths available to purchase separately.
  • Double Lock Patches: $25.00- These high-quality patches are 0.9 mm of reinforced PVC vinyl. These two-part patches give a better seal when applied correctly.
  • SUP Center Fin Replacement: $30.00- The last thing you want to do is be stuck without a fin on your board. That is why we carry them in stock.
  • 70cm Double Lifting Ring Plates: $80.00- These accessories are extremely high quality and durable. They are commonly used on the center of yacht slides and are used for the cran when you are lifting the slide in and out of the water. The plates are manufactured without D-Rings that way you are able to place the slide over the side of your yacht without scratching the paint.


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Sealed Air Repairs Inc. in the United States has been creating inflatable boat accessories for over two decades. We pride ourselves on offering the highest and most professional service to our customers. So if you’re in need of an inflatable SUP repair product, we can help you find the right one. Call or visit us today to find out more!