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We Service

SAR repairs all major brands of the Sealed Air Inflatable Industry

Our staff is fully trained and able to repair any damage that your sealed air inflatables may incur. Many of our customers are mega yachts with charters, or professional touring entertainment shows that have immediate needs. With this in mind we are able to travel to just about anywhere on the globe to quickly fix your inflatables and get you back in action. We specialize in all types of reinforced PVC and drop stitch repairs including inflatable SUP's. Sealed Air Repairs carries over 10,000 replacement parts of all types to insure we have what you need, when you need it!

Sealed Air Repairs has teamed up with Tsunami Sunshine on all iSUP repairs effective immediately. Please contact Eric or Madeline via email at info@tsunamisunshine.com or call them at 321-848-8680

We Sell

SAR sells a wide range of high quality inflatable products

Sealed Air Repairs is stocked up on 1000’s of various handles, anchor points, valves and air pumps to quickly get you what you need, wherever you may need it, anywhere worldwide.

Our specialty is the repair of sealed air PVC products, and we have the largest selection of PVC parts that can be shipped globally on same day notice, at any level of priority service.

If it's not practical to send your product us for repair, then we are happy to ship you all the parts you may need to complete the repair by yourself, or through another shop.

Sealed Air Repairs is also developing a Sealed Air Marketplace for gently used inflatables for sale. Ask us how to get your sealed air products listed.

We Design

SAR offers extensive design services for the Sealed Air Inflatable Industry

From concept to creation, we are able to help our customers get exactly what they need. Do you want to make your own custom inflatable? We not only design it (logos, colors, rendering) but, we are also able to show you the process from fabrication to finished product. We listen closely to our customers so that we can meet all the needs you may have when designing your inflatable product.


"Redefining Water Entertainment"

AquaBanas are luxury lifestyle floating platforms that connect together to form fun and relaxing areas on the water. They are accessible by people of all ages, and not just a certain youth/age group.

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