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When it comes to repairing and maintaining inflatable PVC products, Sealed Air Repairs Inc. sets the industry standard. We at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. provide a professional inflatable repair service with specific, specialized skills and focus working on both PVC and Drop Stitch inflatables (such as Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUP)). We are able to fix a vast array of inflatable stand up paddleboard brands, including leading iSUP brands such as Nash, Starboard, Fisher, Wakooda, Isle, Bote, and many other top inflatable stand up paddle board brands. We are also able to service some of the best inflatable brands that are in the inflatables market today, such as Rave Sports, Fun Air Service Centre, and Aquaglide. The mission statement of Sealed Air Repairs Inc. is to provide the absolute top in quality when it comes to inflatable repairs. One large portion of taking care of your inflatable paddle boards is to be able to keep them pumped so that you are able to use the board when it comes time to hit the water. We at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. are able to provide an array of inflatable tools and accessories for your convenience and to keep your inflatables in tip-top shape. One product that is invaluable to being able to use an inflatable is the pressure pump. We at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. provide and recommend the state-of-the-art Bravo 2000 Electric Inflation pump, which you are able to order anywhere in the United States from our website. Read on to learn more about the Bravo 2000 Electric Inflation Pump and why you should have one for your inflatable. Contact Sealed Air Repairs Inc. today for your PVC inflatable repair and maintenance needs!

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With over a quarter century in the inflatables industry, founder Mark Anastasia knows the ins and outs of everything that has to do with inflatable products, from repair to maintenance to some of selling some of the best yacht toys, accessories, and inflatable products that you can get on the market. We at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. take pride in being able to provide an absolute professional image to the clients that we serve while we give them top-level expert service for the products that they bring to us. No little detail escapes notice with Sealed Air Repairs Inc., from the professionally wrapped, properly licensed and insured vehicles that we drive, to the professional uniformed appearance of our technicians, as here at Sealed Air Repairs Inc. we bring only the best services and products for your inflatables and it is the little things that combine to provide the best services. We also have a fully stocked shop that provides you with all the latest tools necessary to perform any of the repairs that we run across. One of the most important aspects of owning an inflatable paddleboard is being able to efficiently and effectively inflate the paddle board. As the highest quality air pump that is available on the market today, the Bravo 2000 electric inflation pump is an Italian-designed air pump that holds a 2 stage motor in order to produce a high inflation output.

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The Bravo 2000 electric inflation pump comes with a 5’ (150cm) hose as standard, and longer hose lengths are also available up to 25’ length, making it perfect for yacht toys. You are able to purchase your Bravo 2000 pump in both 120v and 230v power on the Sealed Air Repairs Inc. website, and you are able to add a package of 5 inflation adapters as an extra perk for just $25, and we also offer additional hose lengths that are available for purchase.

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