Inflatable Parks Are Hot Spots for Family Vacations!

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Family bonding is one of the most important things in life, and every parent wants to make sure their kid has a good time. Of course, it’s the best of both worlds when the parents are able to enjoy themselves too! Finding active, outdoors activities to share with the kids can be a hassle, so you as an inflatable provider might be looking for new ways to expand your business and order new inflatable devices and vehicles for people to enjoy. In 2018, inflatable parks are the new hot trend. Inflatable themed parks that feature different fun bounce houses and obstacle courses are perfect for any family, carnival, or school event. They allow families to spend some time together while the kids have fun, and the adults can always “jump in” too! If you’re looking for an inflatable water park for sale and need all the necessary parts and maintenance that come with it, contact Sealed Air Repairs Inc. at any of our national locations. We offer premium inflatable parts and inflatable maintenance all across the country.


Why Families Want Parks That Inflate


Most American families can spend a large amount of resources and time mapping out interesting vacation getaways for their families so that everybody can enjoy themselves. When they have younger kids in tow, there is a limited choice of things to do, and families need to keep their kids occupied with fun and entertaining things. Water parks are a common choice for parents to take their kids in the summers, but can get very crowded and repetitive, and also closes seasonally as well as being weather-dependent if it’s an outdoor park. The latest trend for all-inclusive family entertainment that many families are buying into is the inflatable park. An inflatable park provides a cool new twist on the usual old park scene of water parks and bounce park, and can bring hours or even days of wholesome fun for visitors. For those looking to purchase an inflatable park and expand their business, now is the time to grab a corner of this hot new trend.


Options For Inflatable Parks


There are many kinds of these parks, and one of their strong suits is their versatility. If you’re looking for an inflatable water park for sale, you should go through all your options and know exactly what you want before making the investment. One great option are jousting beams. These have been around for centuries, offer cool entertainment for kids and adults alike, and a level of competition as kids will line up to take part in the competition and emerge the victor. Another layer of fun can be added by putting the jousting platform high up, as jousters can fall safely down onto the inflatable if the opponent is knocked off, for fun family games like King of the Hill. Another option combines the fun of a water slide with the safety and comfort of an inflatable park. Inflatables are soft, making them safer than the hard surfaces of water parks, and you can have all the fun of a water park while still enjoying the bounce of an inflatable.


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Inflatable parks are the future of family entertainment and a great investment to your inflatable repertoire. If you’re looking for an inflatable water park for sale, you’ll probably need parts as well as regular maintenance. For these inflatable essentials, call Sealed Air Repairs Inc. at any of our national locations!


A Waterslide Unlike Anything You’ve Seen  

SkySlide is the world’s tallest inflatable water slide. With the highest safety standards and measuring over five stories tall, sliders rush down a 30-foot vertical drop on one side and finish off with a “kicker” that launches them into the air before softly landing onto an Inflatable Impact Attenuation System “IIAS”. Add some pool water to the bottom and draws crowds of all ages for the entire day.

A Traditional Jumper for the Little Ones

Going on vacation isn’t just about big kids and adults. As a parent, you know the little ones always want in on the action too. Having some toddler inflatables set up will answer to this need.

Choose animated character themes or a traditional castle bounce house and you’ll have a safe and sturdy toddler inflatable to keep them occupied for hours.