Design An Inflatable Obstacle Course

inflatable obstacle course in the usa

You have seen them before on TV. You heard about them in insane 5k marathons. Maybe you even want to create your own Ninja Warrior course. We are talking about an inflatable obstacle course. This type of inflatable is sweeping the USA as a great time to bring families, friends, organizations, and businesses together for an energy filled experience. At Sealed Air Repairs Inc. we have all the inflatables you need to build your very own course and put your patrons to the test. We also have an inflatable water park for sale.


Want to Make It 5k?

A 5k obstacle race is a perfect activity for many organizations, no matter you want to create your company’s brand awareness, develop a new market, or raise money for charity, this obstacle course will attract a lot of people. Indeed, use the 5k obstacle race to reach out to the crowd is more and more popular for a for-profit or non-profit organizations. If you want to start your own 5k inflatable obstacle race for your organization’s purpose, then you must find a better way to stand out from a lot of other competitors.


Maybe you are even aiming to make it a little more personable for a family event, such as a reunion. If this is the case, the race does not necessarily need to be 5k long. You can shorten it to a size that better suits the situation you are hosting the course for.


How To Create an Inflatable Obstacle Course

Keep in mind that an inflatable 5k is not your typical 5k race. This 5k is a little more intense. There is some fun peppered throughout. This is made possible by the use of fun inflatable obstacle courses that are suitable for individuals of all ages. This adds a challenge to the experience that will have those who are participating, create lasting memories.  


Don’t think of this as a mud run or a dangerous extreme obstacle race. This is toned down immensely. It is essentially a combining series of inflatables that are formed together to create a course that includes different levels of challenges. They suit a wide range of ages and physical abilities.


How do you choose the right course for your race? Remember, the larger, the better. To ensure it is perfected, it is best to include 8 to 12 inflatable obstacles that the participants need to climb, jump, squeeze, slide, crawl, and run through in order to finish. Each inflatable is well-designed to present a different level of challenges to the participants.  We also have an inflatable water park for sale to help with your design. If you have no idea, we can help you create the entire obstacle course. The good idea is to use your imagination as much as possible, and incorporate low and high levels of challenges so that it’s fun for everyone.


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