One of the Safest Inflatable Boats

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Inflatable boats are great for recreational use for the whole family. These boats are motorized by air being pumped into flexible tubes that form the front and sides of the boat. They are typically made of durable rubberized, synthetic fabrics like Hypalon, PVC, or polyurethane. These types of materials are used to prevent punctures. However, if you have a vessel that is in need of inflatable SUP repair, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs, Inc where we help boat owners find and repair their boats with the best quality products.

It can be scary to think of what might happen if you are out on the water and your boat becomes ruptured. This is why it is important to really research the type of boat you get as these are obviously more susceptible to damages and leaking than typical boats that you take out on the water. One of the safest boats that has received rave reviews from its customers is the Saturn SD470 inflatable boat, Here are a few factors that indicate why this boat is safe for both you and your children!

Surrounded By Safety Features


One of the reasons boaters love this specific inflatable boat is because of all the safety features it possess. It not only has a rubber strike around the entire boat to keep you safe during storms, but it has separate internal air chambers that make it safer for deeper waters. The floor is made up of heavy-duty marine grade aluminum, which can enable you to stand up in the raft if you need to signal for help. The Saturn inflatable boat is also equipped with a one way drain plug so that water is kept out of the boat without any means of finding its way back in through the same pipe. To keep the boat from bottoming out, it has a  deep inflatable V Keel. This is also great if you boat near an area with sharp rocks because it will keep it protected and save you on looking for an inflatable SUP repair.

Your average inflatable raft is equipped with tubes that are just large enough to get air through them to set them in motion. Most neglect to use larger tubes so that it does not weight the boat down. However, the Saturn inflatable boat used thicker and wider tubes, and it actually makes them safer.

More Affordable Than Most Inflatable Boats

This vessel has proven itself to customers time and time again for being both safe and reliable. On top of that, it’s a an extremely affordable commodity. Depending on where you shop, the Saturn SD470 inflatable boat runs anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000. And with its lack of need for repairs, you are saving even more money.

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If you are looking at stable, yet versatile inflatable boats, then the Saturn SD470 is the way to go. In the meantime, if you are looking for an inflatable SUP repair, contact us at Sealed Air Repairs Inc for national boat repair support.