Inflatable Boat Tips: Easy Water Removal

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Sealed Air Repairs, Inc is here to give you your need-to-know inflatable boat tips! Despite best efforts, your inflatable boat is going to be susceptible to collecting water. This can be due to unforeseen weather conditions, damaged outside exteriors, or simply because you decided to go for a swim and brought some water back in the boat with you. It happens. There’s no way around it.

But don’t panic! There are easy ways to remove water out of our vessel. Just remember to stay calm, have the right tools handy, and double check for safety precautions every time you are about to set sail. Here are a few tips to help you drain that pesky water right out of your inflatable raft!

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Tip #1: Open Up the Drain Plug

All inflatable boats come with a drain plug specifically for this purpose. The better rafts will even sanction a one-way plug so that water can only drain out of the plug with no means or regurgitating its way back into your boat. To properly use the drain plug, you will want to open it up while your boat is going at full speed. Then stop and immediately close the drain plug. Doing this induces gravity force to push the water out of a one-way drain plug while you boat is moving in the opposite direction.

Tip #2: Inflatable Boat Tips Suggest This Product

Hand bilge pumps are necessary tools to have on board in case your boat sees water retention. These pumps are sold on Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, and even at marine stores. This tool is used to manually pump the water out. If you are seeing excessive flooding in your boat, it may take awhile to get it all out, but just be sure that you keep pumping. These run at about $20.

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Tip #3: Battery Operated Bumps

If you don’t think you could handle a manual bilge pump, you can always opt for the battery-operated bilge pump. This tool requires a lot less effort and can get the job done in half the time. These are typically sold at the same stores listed above at a rate of about $30.

Tip #4: Water Blaster Tubes!

Out of all our inflatable boat tips, this one might be the most extravagant. But that’s right—this children’s toy sold at the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart can save you if your boat begins to flood or leak. If you leak is happening underneath the floor and all the way to the transom, it can be difficult to use a typical bulge to get all the way down there. This little toy has a great pointed edge that can get into crevices and hard to reach areas. Water Blaster Tubes can act as a kind of bilge pump to get under the floor to make sure you are getting all of the water out of your inflatable raft.

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