7 Of The Best Inflatable Water Parks In the World

best inflatable water parks in the usa

Sealed Air Repairs knows that the category of best inflatable water parks is always gaining competition. As we progress, more and more can be done with inflatables and companies and countries around the world are responding by opening bigger and more exciting inflatable water parks all the time. If you are ready to bring home one of these water parks for yourself or for your company, trust us to find you the inflatable water park for sale that you will love.

Best Inflatable Water Parks

  • Splash Island Water Park: This park is located in the Caribbean on St. Lucia. It is the first open-water floating sports park in the Caribbean and it has been around for over four years. It boasts a floating obstacle course, climbing wall, swings, water polo, and monkey bars.


  • Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach: Whoa Zone has not been around as long as Splash Island, but it is just as incredible. It is located on Lake Michigan, just thirty minutes away from Chicago. It holds more than sixty inflatables as well as slides, monkey bars, halfpipes, and trampolines. The water park itself also offers kayaking, paddleboarding, and an assortment of others.


  • ACE Adventure Resort: The Wonderland Water Park is located in ACE Adventure Resort in Oak Hill, West Virginia. It is nearly five acres in size and it has waterslides, zip lines, see-saws, and even obstacle courses. Even more exciting is the twenty-five-foot inflatable climbing mountain. The favorite amongst visitors, however, is “The Blob,” which is a massive pillow on which someone sits while another jumps on the other end of the pillow and catapults them off.


  • Wake Island Water Park: This park is located in Pleasant Grove, California and it is considered to be the biggest water park resort on the west coast. It spans eighty acres and has features such as the gigantic Aqua Park. This park has more than fifty inflatables such as slides, jumping pillows, bridges, swings, and balance beams.


  • Aqua Fun Dubai: Dubai is arguably one of the most spectacular places on Earth so it is no surprise that its inflatable water park is no different. It is home to the world’s largest inflatable water park, Aqua Fun. Aqua Fun has seventy slides, obstacles, swings, and trampolines. In addition to the immense supply of fun, it also spells out Dubai in English and Arabic when read from left to right and right to left respectively.


  • Baysports: Baysports is located in Ireland and it is the country’s largest floating water park. It’s home to the largest waterslide in Europe and it features kayaks, SUP, and pedal boats. Because of the cold temperature of the water, it is mandatory to wear wetsuits when playing on the park.


  • TradeWinds Island Grand Resort: This park is located on St. Pete Beach, FL and it sits on a 16,000 square-foot space on the ocean. This park has three inflatable slides as well as a seven-foot-tall iceberg made for climbing. Of the three slides, one is called High Tide Slide and it is three stories tall.

Looking for an Inflatable Water Park for Sale?

You too can own your own water park and have one of the best inflatable water parks. With the help of the right company, you can select the features that you want and select an inflatable water park for sale that will make your family happy or build a thriving business.

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