The Difference Between Our D-Ring Plates and Lifting Ring Plates

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Does your boat need a D-Ring Plate or a Lifting Ring Plate? Regardless of what you need, Sealed Air Repairs Inc. sells both! However, what happens if you don’t know the difference between the two? Our experts are here to discuss what each device is and how it can help your inflatable experience. We specialize in PVC boat repair. We can ship to anywhere in the United States.


What Is A Lifting Ring Plate?

Sealed Air Repairs 38cm Lifting Ring Plates are super high quality and very strong. These rings are commonly found on each end of yacht slides and are used for the crane when lifting the slide into and out of the water.


Our lifting ring plates are made with a combination of #316 series stainless steel rings, multiple layers of 2000 pound seat belt webbing and multiple layers of 0.9mm reinforced PVC material. All parts are RF welded together to make a lifting ring plate device that is by far the strongest in the industry. We stock them in various colors, including:

  • Dark Gray, Light Gray, Flag Blue, Royal Blue, FA Blue, White


What is a D Ring Plate?

The Sealed Air Repair Double D-Ring Rectangle plate is one of our strongest anchoring plates. Made with (2) 2″ #316 D-Rings mounted onto 0.9mm Reinforced PVC material and laying in a flat orientation toward each other, these plates provide an incredibly strong and even pulling force.


These ring plates are perfect for top floor mounting locations on Jet Ski Docks and many other applications.


We even have a version made from non-slip material for top floor applications. They are stocked in various colors listed below:

  • Dark Gray, Light Gray, Flag Blue, FA Blue, Black, White Non-Slip, FA Blue Non-Slip


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The founder of Sealed Air Repairs, Mark Anastasia, has been manufacturing commercial inflatable products for over 25 years. He spent 16 of those years living full time in various cities in China working inside Chinese inflatable manufacturing facilities. He has the track record and experience of building more than 30,000 commercial inflatable products over these years.


In 2013, Anastasia co-founded FunAir with Eric Goldreyer and helped build that brand into a global powerhouse of the Sealed Air Inflatable Yacht Toys industry.


In 2016, he retained his ownership of FunAir but stepped out of the day to day operation and management to create Sealed Air Repairs to service the demand from the marketplace for sealed air repair services. The timing was right, and Sealed Air Repairs is growing very quickly into the repair industry leader for sealed air products.


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Sealed Air Repairs, Inc. is your one-stop shop for everything having to do with lifting rings and a D-Ring Plate for sale. We can seal, patch, and repair. Our products feature drop stitch fabric. Whether it is inflatable SUP repair or the purchase of a brand new inflatable jet ski dock, we have you covered. Call us today from anywhere in the USA or across the world. Ask us about our PVC boat repair.