About Us

Sealed Air Repairs sells, designs and services high quality inflatable products.

Sealed Air Repairs was founded in 2016 by Mark Anastasia to repair high end PVC sealed air products . With over 25 years of commercial inflatable manufacturing experience, and tens of thousand of completed commercial inflatables, Anastasia is uniquely qualified to create this business.

In 2009, working as a consultant, Anastasia created the first hook over the railing, sealed air yacht slide with leg support, instantly becoming a huge success in the yacht industry. Since then, he has created well over 1000 custom inflatables that have been placed on about 500 yachts around the world.

While creating inflatables, he realized that megayachts and touring entertainment had a need for PVC products to be repaired on a global scale, yet could not find qualified people to do it. In 2016, he decided to step away from FunAir (Co-Founder and Co-Owner 2013 – 2019) to focus on a much needed inflatable repair business. He ultimately started Sealed Air Repairs Inc (SAR) in 2016.

Sealed Air Repairs sells, designs and services high quality inflatable products. Their mission is to be a full service inflatable provider that sells the highest quality products while providing the most professional level of repair and expert solutions to the sealed air PVC inflatable industry.

Apart from selling a wide range of high quality sealed air inflatable products, SAR services all other sealed air inflatable brands, as well as stocks over 10,000 repair parts that can be shipped anywhere in the world.


Redefining Water Entertainment

Developed by Mark Anastasia and provided through SAR for North and South America and the Caribbean Islands, AquaBanas are a brand new product line not only to the megayacht industry, but also resorts, hotels, sandbars, restaurants and more. They are luxury lifestyle floating platforms that connect together to provide a new way for people of all ages to relax on the water.

Our Team

Mark Anastasia


Julie Anastasia

Director of Operations

Leo Garcia

Sales Consultant

Andrea Serrano

Director of Communications